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A new Podcast ‘George Bailey Was Never Born’ now available just in time for ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Festival weekend in Seneca Falls

Part 02: You Are Now in Bedford Falls

Part 05: Pottersville

‘George Bailey Was Never Born’, a podcast available from iHeart radio, is a one-of-a-kind podcast experience, which takes a definitive look at It’s A Wonderful Life, one of the most popular films of all time, the story of Americans’ decades-long love affair with this cultural institution and how this Christmas movie from the 1940s may surprisingly offer a light down the path you walk today.

Town Supervisor Mike Ferrara can be heard in Episode 2 and Episode 5 in addition to other family relatives. The podcast returns to Seneca Falls in Episodes 7 & 10 which include the late Menzo Case, President & CEO of Generations Bank. Details on each episode can be seen on the website: For more behind the scenes details of each podcast visit Meet the Team.  The podcast is a production of iHeart Radio and Double Asterisk**, in association with True Productions.

This year’s festival runs from December 7-10. For more information about the Festival, 2023 IAWL Schedule or contact the ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Museum at 315-568-5838.

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