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Annual “It’s A Wonderful Life” festival has arrived

This year celebrates the 76th year of the iconic film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life by director Frank Capra. It also attributes special recognition of actress Karolyn Grimes with the bells ringing at the stroke of nine o’clock this morning for having visited the Seneca Falls event for the last 20 years.

A special ceremony was also held at the It’s A Wonderful Life Museum on Fall Street to honor Grimes for her support and contributions over the years making the festival and museum a much sought after holiday extravaganza.

This year, the museum also revealed the 100th anniversary time capsule with tokens of remembrance from the Town Board, special guests, and festival goers to be placed in the capsule. The museum plans to open the capsule in 2046.

If you are looking for some holiday cheer, enjoy the many events held through Sunday afternoon.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” festival schedule:

“It’s A Wonderful Life” festival in Seneca Falls, New York

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