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Request for Qualification and Proposals for the Town of Seneca Falls Engineering Planning Grant

Preliminary Engineering Grant Study – Town of Seneca Falls Sewer Collection System Evaluation

The Town of Seneca Falls was recently awarded a 2023 NYS EFC Engineering Planning Grant to develop a Preliminary Engineering Report for a sewer collection system evaluation.  The Town would like an engineering study to address the challenges associated inflow and infiltration of the sanitary sewer system and create a plan for reducing these flows.

Request of Qualifications for Engineering Consultants

The Town is seeking Statements of Qualifications from qualified engineering consultants to assist the Town in the study. The Town will select a firm and negotiate an engineering services contract for the evaluation and study of the inflow and infiltration issues within the sanitary sewer system. The study should involve the identification of inflow and infiltration sources, a remediation plan and recommendation of grant funding sources. The consultant is expected to utilize a variety of methods that may include but is not limited to analysis of historical and actual flow data during the study, visual inspection of manholes and other accessible components, internal video analysis of sewer mains and laterals, flow metering at various locations in the sanitary sewer system, smoke testing and mathematical modeling. Sewer system issues negatively impact the ability to efficiently process wastewater which reduces the quality of the effluent being discharged to the Canal System. The study will culminate in a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that presents the results of the study, alternative remedies, the recommended alternative, and the estimated costs. The PER will be used to seek further funding for the necessary improvements to the collection system. If your firm is interested in assisting the Town with said report, please provide the following information:

Scope of Services: 

Describe your firm’s experience in providing Preliminary Engineering Reports for sewer system infrastructure needs with various municipalities.

Describe the organization and management effort within the firm. 

Identify the person you propose to prepare the Preliminary Engineering Report and include the resume of said individual(s). 

Describe the specific engineering services that your firm will provide to assist the Town in the study process including I&I source identification of methods, a plan for remediation and grant funding experiences of the consultant. 

Describe your knowledge of EFC Engineering Report requirements. 

The selection of the engineering consultant will be based on the qualifications of the firm and the staff team to be assigned to the Town for this study. The following criteria will be utilized in evaluating the credentials of each firm responding to this request: successful performance in providing engineering services for similar projects; the extent of experience attained by the person proposed to prepare the Preliminary Engineering Report and other staff persons proposed to be assigned; familiarity with the rules to regulations of the NYS EFC Engineering Planning Grant program; technical resources available with the firm to carry out the assignment; and, the availability of these resources to the Town of Seneca Falls. The Town will negotiate a fee for services with the preferred firm. If an agreement cannot be reached, the Town will meet with the firm rated second and will attempt to negotiate a mutually acceptable fee for the scope of services to be provided. The relative weight of each criterion to be used by the Town in evaluating proposals will be as follows:

Successful experience on similar projects (past performance) 25 

Technical capability and financial resources 25(Qualifications of personnel and financial stability to respondent organization) 

Experience working with the Town and knowledge of 20 Town infrastructure 

Availability of staff resources (commitment of personnel) 20 

NYS EFC EPG experience 10 

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises are encouraged to submit Statements of Qualifications for engineering services.

Three copies of the RFQ are to submitted via email to the Town Manager at or to the address indicated below no later than 1:00 p.m. local August 31, 2024.

Peter Soscia130 Ovid St.Seneca Falls, NY 13148


The Town reserves the right to conduct or waive interviews at its discretion depending upon the experience and qualifications received from each consultant. In addition, the Town may choose at its sole discretion to solicit separate qualifications and designate another consultant for any of the individual projects undertaken.

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The Town of Seneca Falls is seeking Statement of Qualifications from qualified engineering firms to provide professional services including permitting, design, bidding and construction phase services for the Town of Seneca Falls 2024 Water System Improvements Project as outlined in the June 2023 Preliminary Engineering Report prepared by Barton & Loguidice, DPC.  The Town of Seneca Falls selection committee will review and evaluate the proposals to select a single engineering firm. Qualified Minority and Women Owned Businesses are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Questions regarding this solicitation may be directed to the Office of the Town Manager: 130 Ovid Street, Seneca Falls, NY 13148; (315) 568-6933 or by email at


The SOQ response shall include the following:

Provide your firm overview, including the size, location(s), overview of general services provided, etc.

Describe your firm’s experience in providing design and construction phase engineering services for similar projects.

Describe the organization and management effort you propose to accomplish the project.

Identify the person you propose to serve as the Project Manager and include resumes of the individuals who will be assigned to the project. 

Confirmation that the proposer is a professional engineer licensed to work in the State of New York. 

Provide a proposed schedule to complete the project in a timely manner. 

Provide a list of successfully completed NYSEFC-funded water treatment and distribution projects completed over the last four-year period and include contact information for three (3) references.

The selection of the Consultant will be based upon the following criteria: successful performance in providing Engineering Services for similar projects; knowledge and familiarity with the Town’s water system, technical capability (including experience) of the Project Manager and Project Team; the availability of the Consultant’s Staff and resources to assist the Town; and experience with NYSEFC Funded Projects.

Please provide a copy of your qualifications and related materials via electronic or hard copy by August 31, 2024 at 4:00pm. Proposals may be transmitted electronically in a PDF format.

Please mark your response “REQUEST FOR ENGINEERING – Town of Seneca Falls 2024 Water System Improvements Project” and send or mail your response to:

Peter Soscia, Town Manager

Town of Seneca Falls130 Ovid StreetSeneca Falls, NY 13148 

Phone: (315) 568-6933Email: 


The Town of Seneca Falls, Seneca County, New York is seeking Statement of Qualifications from qualified engineering firms to provide professional services including permitting, design, bidding and construction phase services for the Town of Seneca Falls 2024 Water System Improvements Project. The Town of Seneca Falls selection committee will review and evaluate the proposals to select a single engineering firm.

All interested engineering firms seeking an electronic copy of the full request for qualifications should email the Town of Seneca Falls Manager, Peter Soscia at

Statement of Qualifications will be accepted until August 31, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.  

Dated this 17th day of July, 2024Town of Seneca Falls Frank Schmitter, Town Supervisor 

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Special Board Meeting

The Seneca Falls Town Board is holding a Special Board Meeting on Friday, July 19, 2024 at 12:00 noon, in the Town Hall Meeting Room at 130 Ovid Street, Seneca Falls.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the emergency repair of the gravity sewer lines along Route 414 and Routes 5 & 20 and possible action to authorize such repairs.  This meeting is open to the public.

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“Next week trash collection will be delayed by one day for those residences outside the former village.  Those who usually have a Monday pick up will be pick up on Tuesday (July 16).  The normal Tuesday pick up will be picked on Wednesday (July 17).  Normal trash pick up will resume on July 22. THIS IS FOR NEXT WEEK ONLY.” 

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Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 6-108 of the New York State Election Law, that a Democratic Party Caucus in the Town of Seneca Falls will be held on Thursday July 18th, 2024 at 6:00 pm at the Seneca Falls Community Center, 35 Water St. Seneca Falls, NY for the purpose of nominating candidates for the following public office: 

One (1) Town Justice (4 Year Term) 

Only enrolled Democratic Party members residing in the Town of Seneca Falls may participate. 

Rachel WeilTown of Seneca Falls Democratic Committee Chair 

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2024 Summer Programs

The Parks & Recreation Department’s Summer Programs Guide is now available.

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Town of Seneca Falls – Request for Proposal

The Town of Seneca Falls (“Town”) is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified firms to provide selected SCADA and systems integration services and assistance under a term services agreement in support of the Town’s Water and Sewer Department operations. The Town provides water and sewer services to residents and businesses within the Town of Seneca Falls as well as nearby communities of Fayette, Junius, and Tyre.

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Job Posting – Bridgeport Fire District

The Bridgeport Fire District, Seneca Falls, NY is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of Secretary/Treasurer part time (20 hours per week). For consideration, applicants must currently reside in the Town of Seneca Falls.  

The position also includes considerable interface with department employees, fire department members,  external organizations, and the public, and requires discretion and confidentiality in these dealings; all other related work as required. 

The position requires accuracy and strong communication and organization skills. The ideal candidate will have a combination of secretarial, book keeping skills (Quickbooks), computers, and office management. Attendance at monthly board meeting is required.   

Position open until September 1,2024. All applications for this position will be held in confidence. 

Any questions can be directed to 

Qualified candidates must submit a cover letter and current resume to: 

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