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Chiropractic Health Month Observed by Town Board

October is celebrated nationally as Chiropractic Health Month and at this month’s Town Board meeting, Seneca Falls pays tribute to the physical well-being and the professionals who provide the specialized care.

Since 1991, Seneca Falls has been home to the Northeast College of Health Sciences- formerly referred to as the New York State Chiropractic College until 2021 when the college changed its name to reflect its evolution as an educational institution accrediting students in various fields of healthcare.

The town is appreciative to the college as a community partner and for playing a significant role in facilitating the education and training of numerous graduates, past and present, seeking to provide care to individuals with chiropractic pain through a variety of non-invasive approaches. The Seneca Falls Health Center located at the college is readily available to residents of the community who seek treatment.

Supervisor Ferrara stated the proclamation would be presented in-person to the Northeast College of Health Sciences.

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