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Master Comprehensive Plan Update

ADVANCE Seneca Falls is Your Town. Your Vision.


Welcome to the Town of Seneca Falls Comprehensive Plan webpage! Visit this page and stay up-to-date on the latest information and public engagement activities related to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Update.


In 2004, the former Village and the Town began the process of updating the comprehensive plan. The Town’s most recent draft Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2006 in collaboration with the former Village and was prepared by Community Planning & Environmental Associates of Berne, NY. The plan developed 26 goals for the community based on an analysis of current needs and potential opportunities. Selected goals were: economic security; social well-being and community services; natural resources, open space and agriculture; parks, recreation and culture; community character and historic reservation; and housing and neighborhoods.

On September 2, 2022, the Town Board approved by resolution the initiation of the master plan update. Beginning November 2022, the Town of Seneca Falls, in collaboration with MRB Group, will begin the planning process for ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040. The new plan will outline our community vision, define clear and actionable goals, and recommend specific means to enhance the physical, social and economic character of the community for all residents, visitors and businesses.

A committee will be established to update the 2006 draft plan and will seek to obtain input from appropriate town committees, to analyze community resources and potential opportunities and to consider views of community members.

Information on how to participate is detailed below and in the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page.

Master Plan FAQ’s

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040 is the Town’s 15 year outlook- it guides our community over the long term. A comprehensive plan is a vision for the future It articulates the goals and policies set forth and provides the Town guidance in which to achieve these goals. A comprehensive plan is comprised of base information, vision statements, and a set of master plans that have implications for land use, transportation, and public facilities, including possible future capital improvements, development regulations, or major policies. The comprehensive plan also provides for a legal basis for zoning changes in accordance with the comprehensive plan.

Why is the Town updating the Comprehensive Plan?
The current comprehensive plan is more than 16 years old, and no longer reflects the challenges and opportunities the Town of Seneca Falls faces today, or will in the future. Changes to demographics, development trends, technology, laws, and many other factors have affected how people live, work, travel and play in our community. As a result, we need a new Plan that reflects these new realities and plans for the Town’s future growth and development.

It Begins with a Steering Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee officially represent the citizens of Seneca Falls and work closely with the Town’s planning staff, the planning consultant team and other community members to help guide the comprehensive planning process.

The Steering Committee serves as a working group and members’ responsibilities will include:

  • Providing guidance and direction to the staff and consultants at crucial steps in the process
  • Acting as spokespersons for the comprehensive planning initiative
  • Serving as hosts at public events during the process
  • Identifying volunteers for action committees and providing direction to those committees
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with community outreach and meeting facilitation
  • Facilitating public meetings
  • Disseminating information during the planning process through their individual networks
  • Presenting the plan for adoption before appropriate bodies
  • Serving as stewards of the plan once it is adopted

What is included in the new Comprehensive Plan?
The updated Plan will include new Goals & Objectives, a Future Land Use Plan, and inventories and analysis of existing physical, social and economic conditions in Seneca Falls that may impact future land use planning and economic growth.

Next, we’ll need community input!

Public Workshops and Visioning Events

These workshops and events, open to all residents, will be a way to provide input on key issues and planning themes. Dates for these workshops will be posted on our website, Facebook page and Twitter as they become available. 

Community Survey

A survey open to all residents will be available online and at Town Hall. Our hope is to have every resident complete the survey. Look for the survey to be available during the summer of 2023.

At the conclusion of these events, consistent themes and common perceptions will be identified and incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.

Community members will have several opportunities to actively participate in the process including:

Here’s how we’ll keep everyone informed

  • If you are on Facebook, follow the Town of Seneca Falls, NY or follow us on Twitter Town of Seneca Falls, NY and adjust your follow settings to Favorites.
  • Bookmark this page on your web browser and visit often to check for new information and upcoming events.
  • Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors! Share social media posts related to these public input sessions, talk to your family and friends who may not be on social media or follow the newspapers or websites.


Community members may also submit comments or questions via mail at:

ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040 Committee
130 Ovid Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

or E-mail us:

or call: 315-568-8013

When will the final report be completed?
In about 12-15 months, with maximum participation from the community, a draft plan will be drawn and presented for public review. This will be a final opportunity for comment and feedback on the Plan’s key initiatives, strategies, objectives, and implementation measures. Revisions will follow and the Plan will then be presented for approval, first by the Planning and Zoning Boards and then by the Town Board.

Steering Committee Members

Daniel EmmoChairperson
Seneca Falls Zoning Board of Appeals
Frank RuzickaChairperson
Seneca Falls Planning Board
Jill HenryDirector
Seneca County Planning Department
Gregory ZellersDirector
Seneca Falls Development Corporation
Dr. Michelle ReedSuperintendent
Seneca Falls Central School District
Sheila GiovanniniPresident, Board of Directors
Seneca Museum of Waterways & Industry
Anwei LawPresident
It’s A Wonderful Life Museum
Lisa FitzgeraldManager, Strategy & Business Development
ITT/Goulds Pumps
Christine VanDusenOwner
Blush by CVD
BJ RadfordChief Financial Officer
Cayuga Nation
Leah NtualaPastor
First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls
Jamie DocteurResident
Ryan HuntResident
Frederick CapozziResident

Steering Committee Agendas & Minutes

Agenda 12-21-2022
Agenda 01-18-2023
Agenda 02-15-2023
Agenda 03-15-2023
Agenda 05-18-2023
Agenda 06-29-2023
Agenda 07-12-2023

Past Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan Draft – July 2008

ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040 Comprehensive Plan – Public Forums

Public Forum #1 Summary – June 2023

Public Forum #2 – September 2023

ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040 – Documents

DRAFT #1 Comprehensive Plan – ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040
DRAFT #1 Comprehensive Plan Presentation (PPT)

**Please note: ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040 is currently in a draft stage and is subject to further review and revision prior leading up to adoption by the Town Board in the coming months.