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Procedure for All Odor Complaints

When a person or business calls for an odor complaint, the person making the complaint must provide their Name, Address, and Telephone Number or email address.  If a Town employee receives such a complaint pertaining to any odor, that employee must get the information as outlined above and immediately contact the Code Enforcement Officer so he/she can verify the complaint.  If the Code Enforcement Officer cannot be reached, the employee receiving the complaint will place the information obtained in a specified inbox location for future investigation.

If the Zoning Office receives the complaint directly, the Code Enforcement Officer will go to the site from which the complainant experienced the odor to verify the presence of such odor.

On all complaints, the Town is to obtain an address and phone number for the person reporting the odor.  The Code Enforcement Officer will make every effort to contact the person or persons and request that they file a supporting deposition stating when, where and to what the complaint is related.

Click here to access the deposition for completion (either by typing in the blanks and printing and signing the form, or printing out a copy to fill in (handwritten) and mailing or dropping off at the Zoning Office at 130 Ovid Street.  One may also pick up (or request) a copy of the form from the Zoning Office.  Every supporting deposition will contain a notice that false statements contained therein are punishable as a class A misdemeanor pursuant to section 210.45 of the NYS Penal Law and signed by the person reporting the odor.

All complaints will be placed on a standardized form and be coded with the numerical month (01=January; 02=February, and so on) and each complaint will be numbered for the month beginning with (001=first complaint; 002=second complaint) and so on for the month.  (Example:  01-001 would be the first complaint in January; 01-002 would be the second complaint in January.)  All records will be stored in a secure location and format.

When the number of complaints in any one day exceeds three, the Town Supervisor will be notified; and if the complaints in any one day exceed seven, the Town Supervisor will contact the owner of the property from where the odor is suspected on that or the following day to determine what unusual events were occurring that day and what might be the corrective action to be taken.  The Town Supervisor will contact the Code Enforcement Officer as to what is happening that day.

The Town and the Code Enforcement Officer retains discretion whether to institute any Court action.  Supporting depositions click here for form that describe the same date and location shall be considered one incident. The supporting depositions for each incident shall be used to support a request for a Criminal Summons from local court.  All court appearances will be by the Code Enforcement Officer when the Town Code has been violated.  Any Court appearances will be forwarded to the Town Supervisor. 

The Town Supervisor, in conjunction with the Chairperson of the Zoning Committee, has created this website with the phone number of the Code Enforcement Officer for anyone wishing to contact that office with a complaint. 

This procedure is in addition to and complimentary to the Complaint Management Program contained in the Host Community Agreement between the Town of Seneca Falls and Seneca Meadows, Inc.   

Anyone wishing to contact the Code Enforcement Officer Peter Porcelli may call his office phone at 315-568-8013, Option 4, or email him at  Mr. Porcelli is located at 130 Ovid Street, Suite157, should one prefer to register their complaint in person.