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Road Patrol

The road patrol division is the most visible division of the police department as they are often the first and/or only members the public interacts with. The road patrol division is staffed by nine full-time Police Officers and four full-time Sergeants who serve under the command of the Lieutenant. These uniformed members can be seen operating our fleet of marked patrol cars, police bicycles and even on foot patrolling our neighborhoods and business districts. Road Patrol members handle approximately 20,000 duty related events per year which can range from investigating criminal complaints including homicide, assault, burglary and larceny to the handling of non-criminal incidents including motor vehicle accidents, neighbor disputes, juvenile issues, mental health incidents and welfare checks. Response to these incidents are either dispatched from the communications center (Seneca County E911) or are self-generated by the officers based upon observations while on patrol. 

When not assigned to a call for service members of the road patrol are encouraged to conduct proactive patrols to deter criminal activity, enforce traffic/parking violations, investigate suspicious persons/activity, execute warrants of arrest and most importantly engage with members of the community, visitors and merchants. 

The Sergeants serve as the supervisory function of the road patrol and are responsible for ensuring the Police Officers under their command follow the department policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and state and federal law. Sergeants monitor on-going calls for service, manage resources, review reports and offer guidance to officers as needed.


Responsibilities of those members assigned to the road patrol division shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

Crime Prevention Activities

Through regular contact with the public, members will become aware of situations that may have the potential for or appear to encourage criminal activity. The road patrol officer is in an excellent position to educate the citizen and to enlist his aid in the prevention of crime.

Emergency Medical Responders

All members of the police department are certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Members are also trained in bleeding control and the use of tourniquets.

Preventive Patrol

This activity begins with the officer’s mere presence in a marked patrol vehicle in the area. A thorough knowledge of the town, along with constant vigilance for the potential violations of public order and curiosity to determine the reasons for unusual activity, will contribute greatly to the prevention of crimes and accidents.

Response to Calls for Service

Because officers are in constant radio contact with the 911 Center while on-duty, they are responsible to answer all calls for service in the town.

Traffic enforcement

An integral part of keeping our streets and highways safe is the vigilant enforcement of the vehicle and traffic laws of the State of New York. It is through reasonable and proper enforcement of these laws that a great many lives are saved every year nationwide. This includes special programs like STOPDWI.

School Resource Officer Program

Select members of the road patrol are specially trained and utilized as School Resource Officers (SRO). We currently have one officer who covers all Seneca Falls School District buildings.