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Sewer Inspections

The Town of Seneca Falls through a codification of the former Village and Town of Seneca Falls zoning codes, a unified Town Code was established and is applicable to all residents. Inflow/Infiltration Inspections of sewer systems are required to be completed on all properties in Seneca Falls, in addition to all areas serviced by the public sewer of the Town.


Per Chapter §230-64 of Town Code states inspections shall be completed prior to the transfer of a property and to comply with Chapter §230, Articles IV and VIII. The main purpose of such inspection requirements is to prevent stormwater from the entering the wastewater sewer system that is ultimately treated at the Town’s wastewater treatment plant, and to ensure compliance with the New York State Department of Conservation.

If you would like to schedule an inspection or have questions, please contact the department.

Staff Contacts

Joseph TulloSuperintendent of Water & Sewer Operations and Maintenance
James VarricchioChief Water Treatment Plant Operator
Thomas DysonAccount Clerk