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Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Town Sewer Department operates and maintains the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the associated sanitary sewer collection system.  

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is permitted to treat 3.5 million gallons per day (MGD) and includes mechanical fine screens, primary settling, biological treatment (activated sludge), secondary treatment (settling) and effluent disinfection. The Town operates anaerobic digesters and biosolids dewatering to stabilize and reduce biosolids volume for disposal. 

Wastewater Collection

The sanitary sewer system includes nine 9 pump stations, 6.5 miles of forced sewer mains, and 45 miles of gravity sewer. The Town’s sanitary sewer system extends from Route 414 to the east to the western shore of Cayuga Lake and includes the former Village of Seneca Falls. In addition, the Town Sewer Department operates and maintains Seneca County Sewer District No. 3, under contract with Seneca County. Seneca County Sewer District No. 3 includes six 6 pump stations and approximately 6 miles of sanitary sewers along New York State Routes 318 and 414 in the Towns of Tyre and Junius.