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Municipal Energy Benchmarking


Energy benchmarking is the process of measuring a building’s energy use over time. This allows owners and occupants to understand their building’s energy performance relative to similar buildings and helps identify opportunities to cut energy waste. Buildings are one of a city’s most important assets. Benchmarking data provides unparalleled insight into how buildings perform, enabling more informed investment decisions. 

Energy Benchmarking in Seneca Falls, New York

On August 19, 2020, the Town Board unanimously passed an energy benchmarking resolution that requires the Town to report the energy use of municipal buildings on an annual basis. The Town’s grant writing team at MRB Group has agreed to assist the Town with uploading the energy use data into Energy Star Portfolio Manager. The Town posts the statistics of energy consumption within municipal buildings on the Town’s website. The Town passed

Current Energy Benchmarking Data for Town-Owned Buildings

The charts below reflect energy usage data of Town-owned buildings from the mid-year of 2020 to June 2021. Energy use intensity (EUI) is used to measure how much energy is used in a building per square foot. This means a higher EUI indicates that a building is using greater amounts of energy per square foot.

Town of Seneca Falls – Benchmarking Reports
July 2022