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Do I Live in the Historic District

If you would like to know if you reside in the historic district, view the Historic District Street Listing below to locate your address. If your address is not listed, you do not reside in the Seneca Falls Historic District and will not require a Certificate of Appropriateness for an approved scope of work.

Residences located within this listing are within the Seneca Falls Historic District. If you have any questions regarding the district, commencing work on a historic property, please contact the Heritage Preservation Commission

Listing of Streets in the Historic District Boundaries are indicated by house number in the below table.

Historic District Street Listing

  • Auburn Road – No odd, to and including 10 even
  • East Bayard Street – To and including 63 odd, 50 even
  • West Bayard Street – To and including 125 odd, 108 even
  • Beryl Avenue – All
  • Bridge Street – To and including 29 odd, 22 even
  • Bove Drive – All
  • Canal Street – All
  • Cayuga Street – To and including 103 odd, 96 even
  • Clinton Street – No odd, to and including 26 even
  • Fall Street – To and including 245 odd, 240 even
  • Jefferson Street – All odd
  • Johnston Street – To and including 23 odd, 24 even
  • Latham Street – All
  • Mumford Street – All
  • Mynderse Street – To and including 29 odd, 40 even

  • New York State Barge Canal & NYS Barge Canal Power Station
  • North Park Street – All
  • Ovid Street – No odd; 6-8 even
  • Powell Place – No odd, to and including 4 even
  • Prospect Street – All
  • Seneca Falls Hydroelectric Plant
  • Seneca Street – To and including 11 odd, no even
  • South Park Street – All
  • State Street – To and including 133 odd, 144 even
  • Trinity Lane – All
  • Troup Street – All
  • Van Cleef Lake
  • Washington Street – All
  • Water Street – All

About My House

You may also consult the Blue Form Survey Book to learn of the historical significance of your historic home. Additional local sources of information may be found through the Seneca Falls Historical Society & Mansion, the Office of Zoning & Code Enforcement and the Town Assessor. Property Owners may also use the Seneca County Property Search Tool to learn about their property.

View: Historic District Blue Form Survey Book

Further, you may contact: