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From the early settlement of Seneca Falls in the1790’s, it was recognized for the establishment of industry and manufacturing along the Seneca River and rapids. It has been the inspiration for film, photograph, television, writing and more, and we continue to honor our historical roots and the contributions of great women. Our museums bring this history and more to life and we welcome you to experience these cultural institutions located in our historic gateway of the Finger Lakes.

It’s A Wonderful Life Museum

The ‘It’s A Wonderful Life Museum’, located in the former Seneca Theater, explores the history of the Frank Capra film and why Seneca Falls is- the Real Bedford Falls.

National Women’s Hall of Fame

Showcasing Great Women…the Hall is an incredible cornerstone of Seneca Falls.

Seneca Falls Historical Society & Museum

The Society is a resource for local and regional history, and provides annual programming and tours.

Seneca Museum of Waterways & Industry

The Seneca Museum occupies a unique niche in this town of historical museums.  The canal, its construction and the industry it spawned, led to a more affluent society which could concentrate on social issues such as the women’s movement and abolition among others.  Our Museum offers a historical perspective on this critical piece in the history of the village  (now the Town) which presaged the early activism. 

Women’s Rights National Historical Park

The park embraces the story of the women’s rights movement which began with the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention.