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Reports Issued from NY Office of State Comptroller review on Town’s Past Audits and Implementation of Recommendations

On February 17, 2023, the Office of the State Comptroller released two reports to the Town of Seneca Falls as a result of its review of past audit recommendations and to gauge the town’s progress implementing those improvements.

These reports are of the public record and therefore the Town is making them available to the community.

Report I: 2022 NY OSC Audit 2018M-266-F
Report II: 2022 NY OSC Audit 2018M-218-F.

In January, the NY Office of the State Comptroller issued a statement outlining their plan to review five areas of recommendation made in September 2019 and issued in report 2018M-144-F, which identified certain conditions and opportunities for the Board’s review and consideration.

The Town will continue to implement the recommendations shared while striving toward a more practical, efficient and continuously transparent administration for future growth.

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