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Seneca Falls Town Board considers new $13M Host Community Agreement with Landfill

At Tuesday’s monthly meeting, Town Supervisor Michael Ferrara and the Town Board unveiled a proposed new $13M Host Community Agreement with Seneca Meadows Inc. landfill.

The new agreement is completely contingent on the Department of Environmental Control (DEC) decision to allow SMI to expand their landfill operations. Town Board members were given a copy of the HCA, a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, and a copy of the Power Point Presentation (MOU). The presentation provides an overview of the HCA. The Board will consider approving the HCA at the September 5 Regular Board meeting.

All documents from last night’s meeting are available on the Town’s website, and in the Town Clerk’s Office. The public has over 30 days to review the HCA, MOU, and the presentation.

The highlights of the proposed host agreement were presented to the board and attendees include:

  1. Odor control management
  2. Third Party reporting of odor complaints
  3. Investigation of complaints by SMI and a Town Employee trained in odor detection
  4. Multiple measures that SMI will need to implement to remedy the situation
  5. The Town of Seneca Falls Planning Board and Town Board will have the authority to review complaints and if needed, “pull” SMI’s permit that will be issued after the Board’s review of SMI operations
  6. No construction vehicles or garbage trucks doing business with SMI will be allowed in the “Downtown” area of Seneca Falls
  7. SMI will collect the Town of Seneca Falls’ garbage for free and not charge any “tipping” fees to the Town
  8. SMI will not charge the Town for sludge disposal from the Town’s Waste Water Treatment Plant
  9. One Million ($1m) signing bonus when the Town officially approves the HCA if the DEC gives SMI a new operation permit
  10. Two Million ($2m) signing bonus when the Town issues the necessary permits for the Planning Board and the Town Board
  11. Ten Million ($10m) financial contribution to the Town on an annual basis based on a charge of $4.00 per ton of solid waste collected
  12. Total financial payment to the Town of Seneca Falls will be over $175,000,000.00 over the fifteen (15) years of the operation permit
  13. Reserve funds would be set up that could potentially lower taxes for over 30 years, infrastructure improvements for water, sewer, and drainage just to name a few


Town of Seneca Falls Presentation – Proposed Host Community Agreement

Town of Seneca Falls & Seneca Meadows Inc. – Proposed Host Community Agreement

Town of Seneca Falls & Seneca Meadows Inc. – MOU